Vinhomes Technopark Office Management Application

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The Technopark App caters to office workers, company managers, and anyone keen on Vinhomes Technopark, a top-tier smart office building globally. Sporting an intuitive and sleek interface, this app offers a range of upscale services at your fingertips. From smart meeting room bookings to remote device control, local bus summoning, and post-work leisure activity registrations, it’s all easily accessible with just a few taps

1. About Client:

Vinhomes Technopark Tower is the world’s smartest office tower pioneered by Vingroup in Vietnam.

Constructed following the model of a “Smart building in a smart city,” it aims to become one of the new technology centers hosting leading technology and manufacturing companies from Vietnam and around the world.

Evotek collaborated with Vinhomes to develop the Technopark smart application, aiming to manage the operations of smart offices at VinHomes TechnoPark Tower. This application ensures maximum convenience with just a touch, catering to all user requirements throughout the workday.

The partnership between Vinhomes and Evotek signifies a significant stride in implementing smart technology within Vietnamese office buildings, enhancing the overall working experience for users.

2. Key features of the Technopark application

  • Seat reservation for work/office purposes; Control over lights and air conditioners; Elevator summoning; Visitor registration for the office; Electric bus booking; Carpool arrangement…
  • Locating and guiding to parking spaces
  • In-app payment for services
  • Food and service ordering
  • Real-time traffic and weather updates
  • Fire alerts and instructions for handling fire incidents

3. Technical challenges

  • Integrating a variety of technological systems and equipment at Vinhomes Technopark Tower. Connecting and synchronizing data between these systems requires high technical skills.
  • Build complex algorithms to process and analyze large volumes of data from systems, to personalize user experience.
  • Ensure real-time and low latency when users access and use features on the application.
  • Build a multi-layer security mechanism to ensure information security for residents and Vinhomes’ systems.
  • Operate, monitor and troubleshoot the system during actual deployment, with a large number of concurrent users.

4. Evotek’s solution

  • Evotek leverages cutting-edge iOS/Android programming methodologies to craft the Technopark App.
  • Our responsibility spans from comprehensive security analysis, design, and development to ongoing maintenance.
  • We’re committed to delivering an optimal user experience, offering a user-friendly interface that ensures ease of use.
  • Our focus remains on maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality and information security.
  • We continuously update the app with new features, enhancing user convenience and functionality.
  • Additionally, we provide full technical support to users throughout their experience with the application.

5. Results

  • The number of users has grown steadily over months/years
  • High rate of active users (over 70%)
  • Users have positive reviews about the application experience (4.8* Rating)
  • Revenue and profits from services on the application increase over time
  • Operating costs, personnel, and assets are significantly reduced compared to before the application