Open City – Smart Complex and Urban Management Solution Won Smart City Award Vietnam 2023

open city nhan giai thanh pho thong minh viet nam 2023

On November 30, Evotek was honored to receive the Vietnam Smart City 2023 award in the category of Solutions & Equipment for Smart Homes/Buildings/Urban Areas. This is the 4th consecutive year Evotek has been honored in the prestigious rankings organized by the Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA).

Vietnam Smart City Award (Smart City Award Vietnam) is an annual award organized by VINASA since 2020 to recognize, honor and encourage cities and organizations to promote the application of smart technology. Urban management and administration, utility services for people, helping cities become smarter, more livable, branded, competitive and develop sustainably.

Open City – A Breakthrough in Complex and Urban Management

Open City is smart urban management software made in Vietnam, appearing in the top 5 best products in terms of solutions and equipment for smart homes/buildings/urban areas. This affirms Open City’s competitiveness and leading position compared to other urban smart management platforms on the market today.

hoi thao thanh pho thong minh viet nam 2023 2Vietnam – Asia Smart City Conference 2023

New Vision and Mission

Launched in 2022, Open City is a comprehensive smart urban complex and urban area operations management software platform developed by Evotek engineers. With a synchronized technology ecosystem and hundreds of smart features, Open City has been widely used software in buildings across the country such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Nha Trang…

Open City provides a comprehensive picture of urban operations with a single management platform. The software’s smart features have also contributed to optimizing operational management, improving people’s experience, and saving costs for the management system.

open city nen tang phan mem quan ly van hanh khu phuc hop va khu do thi thong minh 2Open City Complex and Urban Area operation management software interface

Advantages and Development Potential of Open City

  • Ability to Integrate Diverse IoT Ecosystems: The latest version of Open City is capable of integrating many different IoT ecosystems, opening up opportunities for wider development and application.
  • Efficiency in Management and Cost Savings: Open City 2023 promises to optimize management efficiency, help save costs and increase user experience.
  • The user interface has also been improved to be smoother and more user-friendly, users can easily monitor, monitor and control all system activities through vivid, intuitive control panels.

hoi nghiEvotek accompanies and develops with partners to build smart cities

Development Orientation and Future Vision

With the orientation of developing the IoT – AI – Big Data ecosystem, Evotek is gradually expanding its scope of operations from smart home systems to larger-scale projects such as smart urban areas and smart cities. Evotek’s goal is to become a leading company in the field of IoT platforms in Southeast Asia.

The Smart City Award is a testament to the efforts and determination to conquer the goals of the board of directors as well as all employees of the company. This is also the motivation for Evotek to continue to develop and further improve IoT platform products to bring more convenient and modern lives to Vietnamese people.