Asset management and investment application for more than 1 million users of the top 7 largest banks in Vietnam

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The asset investment management application functions as a mini-app integrated into the partner’s overarching application. The primary objective of the application is to assist customers in the effective management and investment of their assets. This app may encompass various investment services and options, such as investment fund management, financial advisory, and more to optimize profits and smartly manage personal assets

1. About the Project

In the dynamic landscape of Vietnam’s banking sector, our esteemed client, one of the top 7 banks, has embarked on a transformative journey by partnering with EVOTEK. Entrusting us with their vision, the bank aims to redefine customer experience and financial accessibility through the development of a revolutionary finance and banking app.

The primary business goal is to empower their customers with a seamless and user-friendly platform for managing investments. By leveraging our expertise in IT solutions, the bank envisions a sophisticated app that not only simplifies the investment process but also enhances financial literacy among users. The app is designed to provide real-time market insights, personalized investment recommendations, and a secure environment for transactions.

However, this ambitious venture is not without its challenges. The integration of complex financial algorithms, stringent security protocols, and ensuring regulatory compliance pose significant hurdles. Striking the delicate balance between innovation and compliance is a paramount challenge, requiring meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the intricate financial landscape.

As we collaborate closely with client, our dedicated team is committed to overcoming these challenges, ensuring the successful realization of their vision. Together, we are poised to create an unparalleled financial app that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both the bank and its discerning customers.

2. Features of The Asset management app

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  • Investment Advisory: Provides investment advisory services to assist customers in making informed decisions on various financial products.
  • Real-time Market Updates: Offers access to the stock market, enabling customers to invest in stocks and securities.
  • Mutual Funds, Bonds, Stock Options: Allows users to invest in various financial instruments through the mobile application.
  • Track Progress: Keep tabs on users’ investment advancement by regularly updating and providing reports through the Bank’s platform.
  • User-Friendly Workflow: Organizes workflows logically, minimizing user interaction for a seamless user experience.

3. Technical challenges with developing Asset Management and Investment applications


  • Securely storing and encrypting sensitive financial data.
  • Preventing fraud and unauthorized account access.
  • Adhering to financial regulations like KYC, AML across various legal jurisdictions.


  • Handling large transaction volumes and low-latency transactions.
  • Concurrent user numbers reaching millions.
  • Ensuring performance during peak hours.

User Experience:

  • Simplifying financial product choices.
  • Streamlining complex financial processes.
  • Personalizing according to risk appetite.

4. EVOTEK’s solution

  • Horizontal scaling server application and leveraging auto-scaling groups in the cloud.
  • Utilizing message queues and asynchronous processing for background tasks.
  • Deploying request tuning and load reduction to maintain stability under high load.
  • Cache frequently accessed data like quotes, user profiles in distributed caching like Redis.
  • Using CDN and edge caching for static content and resources.
  • Validating all user inputs and sanitizing outputs to prevent injection attacks.
  • Multi-layer protection. Sending encrypted data with Dynamic Key.
  • Every transaction is 2FA authenticated

5. Results

  • Top 10 financial applications on the App Store
  • Prestigious certification – The Assets
  • 1M+ Monthly Users