User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) for Vinfast Electric Vehicles

vinfast infotainment ux ui cho he thong giai tri va dieu khien tren xe dien vinfast

Vinfast is strategically positioning itself to establish a prominent presence as a national brand in the global electric vehicle market through its lineup of smart electric car models. To achieve this, the key factor lies in developing a modern, unique user interface to provide a groundbreaking driving experience for customers.

As a result, VinFast has partnered with Evotek – a leading technology company in user interface (UX/UI) design to accompany them in the technological revolution in their upcoming line of smart electric cars.

Detailed plan for VinFast electric car interface development project

With over 5 years of experience in interface design, Evotek is responsible for designing the entire interface for VinFast’s smart electric car models. Specifically, the project’s implementation plan includes:

Phase 1

Surveying and analyzing user needs: Evotek’s team will conduct direct surveys and analyze market data to assess the actual demand of Vietnamese customers for interface technology in electric cars.

Phase 2

UX/UI design: Based on the collected data, the expert team will start designing the interface, optimizing the user experience across VinFast’s electric car models.

Phase 3

Development and integration: Building the actual interface system, including frontend and backend software. VinFast will then handle the assembly, integrating the interface into the car models.

Phase 4

Testing, training, and long-term support: Before the official launch, the interface will undergo rigorous testing to ensure smooth operation. Additionally, Evotek’s team will train VinFast’s technical team for self-operation and future system updates.

Groundbreaking technologies bringing a completely new electric driving experience

With Evotek’s contribution, the interface on VinFast’s smart electric car lines is expected to deliver an unprecedented driving experience for Vietnamese users. This includes advanced technologies such as

  • A 15-inch intelligent touch screen with modern graphics, integrating control of all car features.
  • Vivi AI virtual assistant fluent in Vietnamese/English, allowing control and communication with the car using natural voice commands.
  • Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones, providing screen mirroring on the car’s touch screen.
  • 360-degree surround sound studio-quality system for an immersive entertainment experience within the car.

Moreover, Evotek is continuously researching and improving many other smart features to enhance the driving experience for VinFast’s future smart electric car models.

A groundbreaking collaboration – A strong leap for Vietnamese electric vehicles onto the global stage

With its experience in car manufacturing and robust technological platform, VinFast possesses favorable conditions to lead the electric vehicle segment in Vietnam and expand globally.

The collaboration with Evotek is a significant milestone aiding VinFast in realizing these ambitions. With its experience and highly skilled workforce, Evotek will contribute to elevating VinFast’s electric car experience to new heights.