EVO MES – Make in Vietnam production management solution won the Digital Award 2021

vietnam digital awards 2021 evomes

The EVO MES production management software system (EVOMES) developed by EVOTEK technology company has just been awarded “VDA 2021 Outstanding Digital Transformation Product and Solution” at the Vietnam Digital Awards 2021 ceremony.

Vietnam Digital Awards’ full name is “Vietnam Digital Transformation Award Voting and Awarding Program”. The program is held annually under the chairmanship of the Vietnam Digital Communications Association (VDCA), sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communications.

1. What is EVO MES?

EVO MES is a solution that helps factories and enterprises optimize production activities through real-time data collection and analysis. The system allows connection and synchronization of data between departments such as production planning, production management, maintenance, quality, material warehouse… to improve the overall operating efficiency of the entire factory.

Unlike many expensive international MES solutions, EVO MES is a Made in Vietnam product with an affordable price, easy to deploy and highly customizable to suit the characteristics of domestic businesses .

evo mes quan ly van hanh nha may

2. Information security according to international standards

EVO MES is developed based on international standards ISO, ANSI/ISA to ensure advanced and high stability. The system achieved ISO 27001 certification for information security, meeting the strict security requirements of the manufacturing industry.
Production data on EVO MES is encrypted and periodically backed up on a separate server system located at the Tier III Data Center. The application of cloud computing technology helps the software operate stably and safely in all conditions.

chung chi ve bao mat quoc te evo mes

3. Flexible production process, easy to change

With the flexible production process declaration system, users can create and edit processes to suit the unit’s production practices without needing to intervene in the code. This helps save time and costs for system installation and operation.

High flexibility and customization are key factors that help EVO MES be easily accepted into domestic manufacturing enterprises. Instead of forcing businesses to follow a pre-designed system, EVO MES can adapt to the specific production model of each unit.

4. Connect IIOT, PLC, SCADA Devices

The MES system is a bridge between the traditional manufacturing world and new technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) helping to support the following tasks:

  • Analyze production history to forecast raw material needs and optimize production plans
  • Early warning of incident risks, stopping the machine for proactive maintenance
  • Effectively analyze models and production stages to improve processes

With the help of IoT and Big Data technology, EVO MES allows making accurate production decisions based on actual data, helping to save 10 – 20% of costs compared to traditional options.

5. Carrying the mission of industrializing and modernizing the country

According to statistics, the cost to deploy a foreign MES system can reach millions of USD , exceeding the investment capacity of most domestic businesses and factories.

Therefore, with a price as 1/10 as that of foreign solutions, EVO MES is truly ideal to help small & medium enterprises improve production management capacity – a key foundation for the production process. industrialization and modernization.

evo mes quan ly nha may thong minh smart factory 2

With the ability to bring practical efficiency to businesses, EVO MES has been trusted and chosen by many domestic manufacturing units. Winning the prestigious award at the Vietnam Digital Awards is a great source of encouragement for the EVOTEK team to continue developing EVOMES – becoming the number 1 production management solution provider in Vietnam.

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