Evo BMS smart Building Management System – Best technology solution Digital Award 2023

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Evo BMS (Building Management System) solution is one of the notable products of EVOTEK Technology Joint Stock Company, recently honored at the Digital Award 2023.

EVOTEK is one of the leading companies in the field of providing smart building management solutions. With many years of experience in the field of software development, EVOTEK is always constantly innovating and applying the latest technology to its products.

EVOTEK’s Evo BMS solution is a comprehensive solution for smart building operation management, integrating all management systems such as: assets, security, services, operations, finance… into one platform.

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1. Outstanding advantages of Evo BMS solution

  • Centralized management: Integrate all systems into a single platform, easy to monitor and control.
  • Cost savings: Optimize energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, reduce building operating costs.
  • Easy maintenance: Determine exact locations and system errors, promptly notify problems and require maintenance.
  • Building security: Strictly control entry/exit by magnetic card or facial recognition.

2. Outstanding features of Evo BMS

  • Professional tenant management: Evo BMS automates lease tracking, sends payment reminders on time and allows for digital document storage for easy access.
  • Optimal Maintenance Management: Evo BMS provides proactive maintenance scheduling, request tracking and maintenance request automation, ensuring timely inspections and maintenance, reducing downtime and costs unexpected repair fees.
  • Convenient Parking Management: Evo BMS provides automatic parking allocation, tracks occupancy rates and offers digital payment options.
  • Effective Human Resources Management: Evo BMS with management functions such as attendance tracking, leave management and performance evaluation, enhances workforce efficiency.
  • Detailed Statistical Reporting: Evo BMS provides a detailed reporting dashboard, aggregating data from different modules, providing detailed information on leasing, maintenance, security, parking Parking,…
  • Developed in accordance with the CMMI Level 3 standardization process

With Evo BMS, operations staff will have a complete overview of the operating status of all systems in the building. Any unusual situations or problems are immediately reported to the system and notified to the manager. This helps detect and handle problems promptly, preventing possible negative effects.

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3. Evo BMS brings great benefits to Real Estate Developers and Building Management Boards

  • Reduce operating costs through efficient energy use
  • Increase asset value through efficient operations and better user experience
  • Increase effective equipment uptime thanks to optimal maintenance
  • Reduce troubleshooting time with instant monitoring and notifications.

Evo BMS solution aims to become the smart brain of the building, improving user experience as well as operational efficiency for Developers.

The Digital Award 2023 event received more than 300 nominations from leading IT businesses in Vietnam such as FPT, Viettel, Bkav, CMC… After a rigorous evaluation process, EVOTEK’s Evo BMS surpassed many competitors. Strong, excellent player ranked Top 2/20 in the category of Excellent Digital Technology Solutions 2023.

This is the second consecutive year EVOTEK has received the Digital Awards, showing its superiority and leadership in technology solutions on the market. Previously in 2021, EVO MES production operations management solution was also honored in the Smart production operations management solution category.

It can be said that with continuous innovation, Evo BMS is gradually becoming the technology standard for smart buildings in Vietnam. The product will continue to bring even more outstanding value to customers, contributing to promoting the digital transformation process in the field of real estate management and operations, towards the most modern and smart buildings.