Guidelines for Assessing Reliable Software Outsourcing Providers

tieu chi lua chon doi tac gia cong phan mem

After assessing your software development project, the next crucial step is to find a suitable partner for software outsourcing. In the expansive technology market, various IT outsourcing models and options are available. Drawing from extensive experience conversing with clients about their decisions regarding our services, we would like to outline key criteria to assist you…

Key Components of a Software Development Outsourcing Agreement Contract

cac yeu to tien quyet trong hop dong thue ngoai phat trien phan mem

In today’s business landscape, outsourcing has become a widely embraced practice. However, to ensure its success, it’s crucial to establish a comprehensive outsourcing contract. This agreement plays a pivotal role in clearly defining the responsibilities, roles, and obligations of both parties involved, ultimately fostering a smooth and efficient collaboration. Benefits of Utilizing Outsourcing Contracts 1….

Guidelines for Crafting Software Business Requirements Document (BRD)

tai lieu mo ta du an phat trien phan mem

As you embark on a new software development venture, it’s crucial to establish a comprehensive Business Requirement Document (BRD) to facilitate seamless collaboration with your development team or outsourcing partner. A well-crafted BRD serves as a roadmap, ensuring clarity and alignment on project objectives, scope, timelines, and budget among all stakeholders. Here are nine strategies…

9 Simple Steps to Craft a Flawless Software Development Plan

xay dung ke hoach phat trien phan mem

Software development can pose significant challenges for organizations. Despite aiming for timely completion and staying within budget, real-world outcomes often fall short. Studies reveal that, on average, IT projects exceed their budgets by up to 45% and deliver only 56% of the expected value. These statistics underscore the complexity of software development. However, they shouldn’t…

Requirements Gathering – the “map” for the journey of software development

thu thap yeu cau ban do cho hanh trinh phat trien phan mem 1

In software development field, it’s common to focus solely on technical elements like programming languages and design patterns. However, the true bedrock of any successful project doesn’t solely lie in the technologies or methodologies used to construct the product, but rather in a comprehensive understanding of its purpose and requirements. Neglecting software requirements is akin…

How Outsourcing can help SMBs compete with larger businesses

outsourcing co the giup smb canh tranh voi cac doanh nghiep lon

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often face challenges in competing with larger companies due to limited resources. However, there are strategies they can adopt to enhance their competitiveness. One such strategy is leveraging technology transfer overseas. By doing so, SMBs can access valuable tools and reduce costs, ultimately enabling them to focus on growth and…

9 potential risks when outsourcing software you need to know

9 nguy co tiem an khi gia cong phan mem ban can biet 1

While outsourcing software development can offer advantages like expansion and cost savings, it also presents inherent risks. Identifying and effectively managing these risks is crucial for a successful outsourcing endeavor. This article explores the top challenges businesses often face when outsourcing software and provides strategies to approach and manage them effectively. 9 potential risks when…

Difference between Nearshore, Offshore & Onshore software development

su khac biet giua phat trien phan mem nearshore offshore onshore 2

When businesses embark on software development projects, they often confront the decision of selecting the most suitable software development model that aligns with their requirements and budget. Three commonly considered models are Nearshore, Offshore, and Onshore, each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages concerning geographical proximity, labor expenses, communication capabilities, and project management. In this article,…

Top 12 frequently asked questions from customers about EvoTek

top 12 frequently asked questions from customers about evotek

Selecting a software development partner is a crucial decision that significantly impacts the success of your project. Recognizing its importance, we have compiled a list of the 12 most commonly asked questions to address all inquiries from our valued customers. With over 6 years of industry experience, bolstered by a team of proficient engineers, cutting-edge…

6 misconceptions about outsourcing that you need to know

6 quan niem sai lam ve gia cong phan mem ma ban can biet 1

The software development outsourcing market has witnessed robust growth in recent years. Despite ongoing uncertainties stemming from the pandemic, forecasts indicate a steady annual growth rate of approximately 5% in the IT outsourcing market over the next four years. This upward trajectory has prompted an increasing number of businesses to explore assistance from firms offering…