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Software Outsourcing: An Effective Solution for Businesses

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Outsourcing can bring many benefits to businesses of all sizes What is Software Outsourcing? Outsourcing (Software outsourcing) refers to the practice wherein businesses engage third-party service providers to develop technology solutions and software products tailored to their needs, instead of establishing an in-house software development team. This approach enables companies to access skilled programming talent…

How to know if software outsourcing is right for you?

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Software outsourcing, increasingly popular in the technology sector, particularly among startups and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), offers benefits but may not suit every business model. This article delves into the strengths and weaknesses of software outsourcing, and examines scenarios where it is or isn’t a viable option. 1. Introduction to software outsourcing Software outsourcing,…

5 Most Promising IT Careers in an Outsourcing Company in 2024

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Outsourcing businesses handle tasks like software de­velopment for companies in various industries. Such businesses offer vast ope­nings. You could work on different projects, deal with diverse clients, and explore various sectors. There’s room for professional growth too, we will be sharing with you some job opportunities at the end as well! So do read till…

ISO 9001:2015 – Critical Considerations for Selecting Software Development Partners

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ISO 9001:2015 – Critical Considerations for Selecting Software Development Partners ISO 9001:2015 stands as a globally acknowledged benchmark for quality management systems. Within the software development sector, the certification under ISO 9001:2015 is progressively gaining significance. This article elucidates the advantages associated with opting for a software vendor possessing ISO 9001:2015 certification. 1. What is…

Why should customers prioritize technology partners with ISO 27001 certification?

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Information security is one of the most important factor in choosing a technology partner. Choosing the wrong partner can lead to data leaks, cyber attacks and many other serious consequences. ISO 27001 certification is an international standard for information security recognized by prestigious organizations around the world. 1. What is ISO 27001:2013? ISO 27001:2013 is…

Hiring: Technology Product Sales Support


Work location Hà Nội Ranks Staff Working form Full-time Experience 6M – 1Y Salary Negotiable salary Profession Business Application deadline 30/01/2024   1. Job description Support sales search, contact to book with customers according to available information. Carry out paperwork related to product business such as: Sale kit, bidding documents, product introduction information…. Support customer… Headhunt and Recruitment Solution

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Securing top-tier talent poses an ongoing challenge for business leaders. Identifying, captivating, and choosing the right candidates demands a wealth of expertise and finesse. Recognizing this, has engineered a holistic recruitment and scouting platform, empowering businesses to swiftly and optimally onboard high-caliber professionals 1. About is a search, recruitment and human resource…

EVO MES (Manufacturing Execution System) – Production Management Solution – Smart Factory


EVO MES (Manufacturing Execution System) system is an important management tool in the manufacturing industry. Designed to optimize production processes and manage the entire system, EVO MES brings many important benefits to businesses. In this article, we will introduce the EVO MES system and focus on the benefits it brings. EVO MES is part of…

Open City – Complex and Urban Property Management Solution.

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Open City is a solution for managing and operating smart Complexes and Urban Areas developed by Evotek Technology Joint Stock Company. With a track record of successfully implementing numerous large-scale projects, we’re assured in delivering an optimal solution that caters to contemporary management and operational requirements. 1. Outstanding advantages of Open City Manage the overall…

Mobifone Internal E-Learning System


Mobifone’s internal E-learning system stands as an advanced online learning platform meticulously crafted to cater to the training and development necessities of over 3,500 employees. Mobifone stands among the prominent telecommunications companies, boasting the largest network in Vietnam, generating a revenue of 30 trillion VND (1.2 Billion USD), and boasting a 30-year history of development…