Open City – Complex and Urban Property Management Solution.

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Open City is a solution for managing and operating smart Complexes and Urban Areas developed by Evotek Technology Joint Stock Company. With a track record of successfully implementing numerous large-scale projects, we’re assured in delivering an optimal solution that caters to contemporary management and operational requirements.

1. Outstanding advantages of Open City

  • Manage the overall operation of the Complex, from buildings, utilities, services to events and activities.
  • Integrating modern technologies such as IoT and AI for intelligent operations management and process automation.
  • Provide data analysis tools about activity and utility usage to enhance resident experience.
  • Friendly mobile application, easy to use for both managers and residents.
  • Integrate smart utilities such as service booking, event registration, payment…
  • Supports the management of multiple complexes and urban areas flexibly.loi ich cua open city


2. Open City solutions

Open City in BUILDING/OFFICE management

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  • Open City automates lease tracking, sends payment reminders on time, and enables digitized document storage for easy access. Helps increase tenant satisfaction, reduce errors, reduce paperwork hassles and optimize revenue through effective lease contract processing.
  • Open City provides proactive maintenance scheduling, claims tracking and service request automation, ensuring timely inspections and maintenance, reducing downtime and unexpected repair costs. Helps the Management Board minimize disruptions in operations and save significant costs.
  • Open City provides automated parking allocation, tracks occupancy rates and provides digital payment options, reducing congestion and increasing tenant and visitor satisfaction.
  • Open City with management functions such as attendance tracking, leave management and performance evaluation, enhances workforce efficiency and minimizes administrative management costs.

Open City in Urban Area management

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Open City operations management application is a comprehensive solution to help manage and operate urban areas effectively. The application provides key features such as:

  • Resident management
    • Manage residents’ personal information such as full name, ID/CCCD number, and demographics.
    • Manage apartment information such as apartment number, area, owner.
    • Provide a separate account for each apartment owner to use the service.
  • Manage service fees
    • Calculate and notify monthly service fees such as management, cleaning, and maintenance fees.
    • Provide payment and invoice history for residents.
    • Allows residents to pay service fees online on the application.
  • Facilities for residents
    • Register to use urban amenities such as swimming pool, gym, tennis court.
    • Schedule repair and maintenance services for equipment in the apartment.
    • Send feedback and complaints about the service to the management board.
  • Manage guest entry and exit
    • Manage information of guests registering to enter and leave the urban area.
    • Manage vehicle entry and exit with QR code.
    • Warn guests of unknown origin or overdue entry.
  • Security and incident management
    • Security monitoring with cameras and sensors.
    • Allows residents to report security incidents, fires, and damages.
    • Automatic troubleshooting and notification system.
  • Parking lot management
    • Allocate parking for each block and building.
    • Allows online parking reservations in advance.
    • The system guides you to an empty parking space.
  • Community social network
    • Forum for information exchange between residents.
    • Notice board for buying, selling and renting apartments.
    • Organize events and extracurriculars for the community.

Open City in Complex Area management

Open City application serves as a comprehensive platform for residents to easily access building services, connect with neighbors and update apartment complex issues. With Open City, management can also synchronize work and build a dynamic community of residents.

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  • Resident management: This application facilitates the management of resident information within the complex, covering details like names, apartment numbers, and contact information. Residents can conveniently update personal data and register for various utilities and services.
  • Service Fee Administration: The application streamlines the management of service fees, encompassing maintenance charges and utility usage fees. It includes a feature that notifies residents of outstanding fees and enables online payment.
  • Management of Shared Amenities: Enables the tracking of residents’ usage history concerning shared facilities such as meeting rooms, gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts, and children’s playgrounds. It also supports scheduling for limited-access amenities.
  • Incident Handling: Residents can report incidents such as elevator malfunctions, water leaks, or power failures to the management board via the application. The management team can efficiently view and resolve reported issues.
  • Community Announcements: Important news and updates related to apartment activities can be disseminated to residents through the application.
  • Community Communication: This feature fosters interaction among residents by facilitating information exchange and discussions through groups and forums within the application.

Open City for Mini Apartment Management

Open City is tailored to suit various building types, including mini apartments. The solution is highly adaptable, catering to the specialized management needs of smaller apartments. It empowers seamless resident information management, encompassing contact details, apartment information, and resident service requests. This facilitates efficient monitoring and resolution of specific household concerns by the management.

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  • User-Friendly Interface for All Ages

To accommodate a wide range of population, Open City boasts a simple, user-friendly interface designed to be intuitive, ensuring ease of use even for those with limited technological proficiency.

  • Community Connection Features

Open City seamlessly integrates community connection features, such as building chat groups, enabling residents to effortlessly exchange information with both management and the broader community.

  • Streamlined and Transparent Cost Management

The system is configured to simplify service fee management for easy monitoring and transparent administration, optimized for the smaller scale of mini apartments.

  • Support for Multiple Communication Channels

In addition to the mobile application, the system provides communication channels like phone and email, ensuring accessibility and support for elderly residents.

  • Information Security and Confidentiality

Given the smaller scale, the application prioritizes the security and confidentiality of residents’ personal information, ensuring robust protection in its design.

3. Contact Open City

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