SIM Marketplace

Get the phone number you want


The SIM Marketplace platform was created for those who for some reason, need/want a nice looking or easy-to-remember phone. Funny thing, is that a lot of people or businesses, choose their phone numbers based on age, destiny or Fengshui. The platform allows SIM owners to easily manage sim stores, trading, and expand their business. It also helps agents and sub-agents increase their sales and improve the experience of their customers. The buyer can access and choose the most suitable SIM easily. Besides the marketplace


  • 3 web developer
  • 1 mobile developer
  • 2 tester


  • 12 months development
  • Finished: May 2019
  • Status: Maintenance


  • Website supporting all major browsers: (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Mobile Application (Android and iOS)


  • Product design and development
  • Outsource


  • Web Application:
  • - Java Spring/Angular
  • Mobile Application:
  • - React native

The challenge

The team worked hard to adapt the content management system to the particular business needs, making it smooth, and covering the whole supply chain from the buying and selling actions to the rest of the workflow.

The different functionalities had several iterations improving the experiences of the different users interacting with the platform.

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