MES for Manufacturing Enterprises: Boosting Efficiency by 30% through Real-time Data Collection

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The client is a major chemical manufacturer in Vietnam, supplying various industrial chemicals to domestic and international markets.

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(Detailed project information is withheld due to non-disclosure agreement (NDA) regulations.)


As part of a comprehensive digital transformation strategy, the client aims to implement an advanced Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to modernize their entire production facility.

The project focuses on optimizing operational efficiency, enhancing product quality, ensuring strict regulatory compliance, and establishing a foundation for data-driven decision-making throughout the chemical production chain.

To realize this vision, the client has chosen Evotek as their strategic partner in developing and implementing a customized MES solution.

Our team of experts has been tasked with building an MES capable of seamlessly integrating with the existing infrastructure. This system not only collects real-time data but also transforms information into valuable insights, optimizing the entire process from raw material intake to finished product shipment.


Evotek has successfully designed and implemented a modern MES for the Vietnamese chemical manufacturer. This system acts as a central nervous system for the plant, connecting different production stages and providing real-time visibility into manufacturing operations.

Real-time Data Collection

Evotek’s MES seamlessly integrates with plant equipment and sensors, continuously collecting production data. This technology allows for high-speed storage and processing of large volumes of data, ensuring no critical information is lost. The ability to standardize data from various sources creates a solid foundation for analysis and decision-making.

Production Process Management

The MES solution digitalizes the entire production process, including formulas and detailed instructions for each step. The system monitors production progress in real-time, promptly alerting when deviations from standard procedures occur. Version management features for processes and production formulas ensure consistency and tight control over changes.

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Production Optimization

Based on collected data, the MES analyzes Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and identifies bottlenecks in the production process. Advanced analytical tools suggest adjustments to production parameters to optimize productivity and quality. The ability to predict maintenance needs based on operational data helps minimize unnecessary downtime.

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Quality Management

Tightly integrated with automated quality control equipment, the MES monitors Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) in real-time. Intelligent alert mechanisms are triggered immediately when parameters exceed allowable thresholds, enabling timely intervention. The system supports quality record management and automatically generates compliance reports, meeting the stringent requirements of the chemical industry.


The MES records detailed information about raw material batches used and tracks production parameters for each batch. The ability to link product information with specific production processes facilitates rapid tracing in case of quality issues, ensuring consumer safety and protecting brand reputation.

Reporting and analysis

Evotek’s MES automatically generates reports using pre-configured templates, meeting the information needs of various management levels. Integrated visual data analysis tools (BI tools) allow users to explore data more deeply, leading to decisions based on accurate information. The ability to create custom reports and perform detailed analysis (drill-down) helps meet the specific analytical requirements of the chemical manufacturing industry.

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Inventory and Stock Management

This feature automatically updates inventory when raw materials are used or products are created, providing real-time visibility into stock status. An intelligent alert system is triggered when inventory falls below safe levels, supporting accurate storage location management in the warehouse. Material flow optimization tools help improve operational efficiency and reduce storage costs.

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Production Planning and Coordination

The MES automatically generates optimal production schedules based on current orders and available plant capacity. The intelligent system optimizes resource utilization, including manpower and machinery. The ability to flexibly adjust plans when sudden changes occur helps the business adapt quickly to market fluctuations. Order completion time forecasting features support effective management of customer expectations.

Intuitive Interface

The MES system provides customized dashboards for each user role, ensuring each employee can access information relevant to their job Important information is displayed in the form of intuitive charts and graphs, helping users quickly grasp the production situation. The responsive interface supports access on mobile devices, allowing remote management and monitoring. The ability to interact and control directly from the interface enhances operational efficiency and reduces response time to emerging incidents.

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The client chose a full-package development model, where Evotek would carry out all stages of the MES software development process. The client appointed a project manager and several technical experts to oversee Evotek’s team performance and assist in solution design. Our development team worked using the Scrum methodology (two-week sprints) and provided daily reports on project progress.

Throughout the implementation, we worked closely with client representatives and conducted numerous factory visits and attended industry conferences to complete the task most effectively. This helped the Evotek team gain a deep understanding of chemical production processes and industry-specific challenges, leading to the development of an MES solution that best fits the client’s needs.

Evotek also organized regular training sessions for the client’s employees, ensuring they could effectively use the new MES system. We established a 24/7 communication channel for technical support and quick resolution of any issues arising during implementation and initial operation.

The combination of Evotek’s deep technological expertise and the client’s industry knowledge created a customized MES solution that meets the exact requirements of the chemical manufacturing plant while laying a solid foundation for the company’s comprehensive digital transformation.

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Our team completed the project on schedule and successfully deployed the MES solution, fulfilling all the features of a modern production management solution. The main objectives of the system were to increase production efficiency, improve quality control, and optimize the use of production assets.

After implementation, Evotek’s IT experts continued to provide maintenance and technical support for the solution. The client expressed satisfaction with the results achieved and the positive impact of the MES system on production performance, with productivity increasing by 20-30% compared to before implementation.

Due to these impressive results, the client is planning to expand the functionality of the MES system with new features and deploy this solution at other production facilities of the company. This not only confirms the success of the initial project but also opens up opportunities for long-term collaboration between Evotek and the client in the field of digital manufacturing transformation.

The success of this MES project has created a breakthrough in the client’s production modernization and optimization process, while also solidifying Evotek’s position as a trusted partner in the development of manufacturing management solutions in Vietnam. The MES system developed by Evotek has demonstrated its ability to seamlessly integrate with the client’s existing infrastructure, delivering tangible and measurable value in improving overall production efficiency.

If you need a manufacturing management system for your business, please contact us to discuss your MES system project ideas further.