Mytelpay – Myanmar’s top 3 e-wallet solution of Viettel Group


MytelPay is a secure mobile wallet application that offers various services to enhance the daily lives of the people in Myanmar. The app holds a PCI-DSS global certificate ensuring security. It supports multiple languages, including Myanmar and English, and features smart OTP, Face ID, and fingerprint authentication for login and payments. MytelPay also provides convenient services like mobile top-ups, affordable data packages, along with various discount programs. Users can easily transfer money via phone numbers, pay different bills online, and access digital services. Additionally, the app offers enticing Mytelpay promotional programs for various services and games.

1. About the Client: Mytel – Viettel

Mytel is a telecommunications network headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar. This is a joint project between Viettel and the Myanmar government. By 2019, Mytel became the third-largest telecom in the market, capturing over 14% market share. Presently, Mytel leads Myanmar’s telecom market with a 79% growth rate. It holds the most 4G subscribers, the largest subscriber base, possesses the longest optical cable, and is the telecom with the highest revenue in Myanmar. It was the first network to roll out 4G and the first 5G infrastructure in Myanmar.

Viettel is one of Vietnam’s largest telecommunication groups, investing in various countries worldwide like Laos, Cambodia, Mozambique, Cameroon, Burundi, Tanzania, Haiti, Peru, and Myanmar. In Myanmar, Viettel partnered with the government to establish Mytel. By 2022, Viettel became the leading telecom provider in Myanmar, covering 92% of the territory. Moreover, Viettel achieved the highest growth rate over the last four years.

2. MytelPay Features

  • KYC Integration: Implements a KYC verification process to ensure compliance and prevent fraud, creating a secure payment environment.
  • Enhanced Security Features: Smart OTP, Face ID, and fingerprint authentication for safe login and payments.
  • Easy Money Transfer: Convenient money transfers using phone numbers.
  • Diverse Online Payment Support: Payment support for online bills and various digital services.
  • User-Friendly Workflow: Organizes workflows logically and minimizes user interaction to create a seamless user experience.
  • Engaging Games: Improved user experience with MytelPay’s gaming features.
  • Multilingual Support: Services available in both Myanmar and English.

3. Technical Challenges in Developing MytelPay App

  • Ensure 99.99% uptime.
  • User data security.
  • Secure payment transaction.
  • Handling 10,000,000 accounts and 10,000 transactions/hour.
  • Robust data backup and recovery.
  • Integration with multiple payment methods.
  • Integration with banks and local financial services.

4. EVOTEK’s solution

  • Building a backup system and regular data recovery to ensure data is not lost and can be quickly restored in case of contingencies.
  • Using technologies like load balancing and auto-scaling to adjust resources according to demand, ensuring support for 10 million user accounts and 10,000 hourly transactions.
  • Establishing connections with various payment methods and integrating with banks and local financial institutions through APIs and standard protocols.
  • Developing detailed contingency plans to ensure system and data readiness in case of contingencies.
  • Timeframe for bank connections: 3 months.

5. Results

  • 5M+ Registered Users
  • 3M+ Monthly Active Users
  • Connected with 10+ Banks
  • 15% E-Wallet App Market Share in Myanmar
  • 30M+ Monthly Transactions in 2023
  • 1M+ Monthly Users