Evotek: A team with ambition.

Evotek JSC is a software development company based out of Hanoi, Vietnam. Evotek focus on smart solutions and tools for digital transformation. Since 2018, the company has offered a wide range of high-quality software products and services in the development, delivery, and maintenance of software in Vietnam and the international market.
Evotek’s key market advantage is the ability to leverage a wealth of experience in this sector, a network of local and international partners, and a very competitive pricing strategy to deliver quality software solutions.

What do we do?

At Evotek, we have an interdisciplinary team that facilitates the digital transformation process for our customers and partners by providing the needed products and services to fit every aspect of their organization. We serve custom services at the different levels of the project and its needs:
The system software architecture and design;
Mobile and Web application development;
System software integration.
We also do software outsourcing and software consulting, being partners with the biggest corporations in in Vietnam like VinGroup, Viettel Group, Massan Group, Mobifone, Panasonic R&D. For the international market, we are proudly serving serveral big clients in Germany, Switzerland, USA and Singapore. Nevertheless, we proudly partnered with several Vietnamese startups to help them reach the MVP and scale their products. We are committed to the success of our customers’ projects, helping them to achieve their goals with efficiency, product reliability, and an outstanding time-to-market.
While we work with a great team with knowledge and experience over a wide range of technologies, our strengths relay on full-stack Java Spring/NodeJS, Angular/ReactJS, and Mobile Natve/React Native/Flutter technology stack where our performance is considerably improved. Our team has found a superior experience in developing inside an agile scrum framework, which reflects in the organization, the deliverables, reports of status, and performance.

What is Evotek’s vision?

EvoTek strives to become a leading software development company in Vietnam, with prestige and position on the world economic map, by pioneering aspirations together with a team of excellent quality personnel. Evotek’s seeks to successfully build high-end products and services, towards improving the quality of life of Vietnamese people, and raising the status of Vietnamese people in the international arena.

What is Evotek’s mission?

To bring Vietnam’s IT products and services to a world-class level, using design-thinking and cutting-edge methodologies to provide smart and practical solutions for each one of our valuable customers.
Core values
Our company builds on top of six fundamental and core values: “TÍN – TÂM – TRÍ – TỐC – TINH – NHÂN.” Each one of the members of our team is aligned with our vision, mission, and values, creating that way a united and energetic team of people working towards the same ideals. That’s where our values come in:

TÍN - Prestige

Prestige is on the top position, is like our weapon of competition, and we protect our reputation as protecting our honor. We always strive to prepare the execution capacity adequately, make every effort to ensure accurate and higher commitments to customers and partners, especially commitments on product quality, service and implementation schedule.

TÂM-Customer/Employee-centric Devotion

Our Employees/customers are our center of attention, we put the interests and desires of the Employees/customer first, and we strive to bring customers the perfect products and services, considering customer satisfaction as a measure of success.

TRÍ - Creativity

Creativity is our vitality and a lever for development, to create different values and unique identities in each product and service package. We uphold the spirit of dare to think and dare to do; encouraging the exploration and application of new scientific, technical and technological advances to management and production; always actively improve, improve the quality of products and services. Accordingly, we also follow the policy of a “Learning Enterprise”, not afraid of difficulties to learn, self-study, and “overcome ourself”.

TỐC - Speed/On-time

We take “Speed, efficiency in every action” as a guideline and “Quick decision – Quick investment – Quick deployment – Fast sales – Quick change and adaptation …” as an identity value. We uphold the aspiration to pioneer and define “Glory belongs to the person on time”. We attain great importance to speed but always remind ourselves “Not so fast-paced”.

TINH - Elite

We aim to gather the most talented people to make the best products and services. Our philosophy is based on the next premise: “Your system must be like a healthy person, toned, and no excess fat.”. We “treat the sage” and “treat the sand with gold” hope to find the right people to put them in the right jobs, promoting this way their full potential but are also ready to filter out the wrong people.

NHÂN - People

We consider people as the most valuable asset, building a professional, dynamic, creative, and humane working environment, implementation of preeminent welfare policies, creating high-income and equitable development opportunities for all our employees.

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